Challenge: Electronic, automated monitoring of commercial fishing operations in Queensland
Anchor Lab is working closely with the Fisheries Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Advance Queensland, Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games and research institutes, providing tools to aid in the improvement of the management and sustainability of the fishing industry through the use of new technologies.
Working through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Anchor Lab aims to meet the challenge through the development of our solution:
Modular and flexible remote electronic monitoring for fully documented fisheries:
At Anchor Lab, we are currently working our way through the feasibility study phase of our proposed solution. As part of this process we have deployed 2 of our current remote electronic monitoring systems on-board vessels within the Queensland fishery. This has been done to gain a specific understanding of their fishing activities and to provide Queensland fisheries specific data for the machine learning work being undertaken during this project.
Additionally during this stage of the project we aim to develop:
A custom system
Leveraging lessons learned from the development and use of our current monitoring systems, Black Box Video and Black Box R2.
We aim to develop a low power modular remote electronic monitoring system that will be able to be tailored to the small scale fisheries of Queensland.
A custom camera
Work is progressing on the development of a low power digital camera that will be able to satisfy our requirements to capture high resolution, high quality video imagery of the fishing activities being performed, while also keeping to our strict requirements regarding power consumption.
Evaluate automating potential
Investigate the potential of using automated image analysis and machine learning techniques to be able to analyse the video imagery captured, to aid fishers in providing the information they are required to report via log book submissions.
Specify an electronic logbook App
Using our existing Mobile Fisheries Log (MoFi) App as a base for further development. We aim to investigate how we can provide a companion mobile App for our system to be able to take automatically generated fishing activity information to enable the provision of log book submissions electronically.
Mofi is freely available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
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